Half Marathon Training

It is finally here, and I am not talking about Thanksgiving week. I know that is what this week is, and I plan to get a post done about our Thanksgiving tradition done either on Thanksgiving or the day after.

The week I am referring to is the first week of my half marathon training. Last year, I had a friend message me in the beginning of the year about doing a half marathon with her. I finally decided to sign up and started running. To be completely honest, I really did not train has much as I could and should have. I did manage to do pretty well, especially for my first half marathon. I got a final time of 2:38:14 and I ran (other then walking through water stations) for the first 10 miles. I had to run walk the last 3 to make it through. I live in the midwest, the weather was cold and really windy so I feel I did awesome.

I did not run much after that race until I did a 5K in October before my 10K race the next weekend. What I realized, is that I am more out of running shape then I thought I was. I still workout 6 days a week doing a workout program that has cardio and weights so I thought I was doing well. I know all of that helped me, but I also realized to improve on my time I am going to need to do some focused training.

I have been doing a 100 day workout program, which I had committed to doing completely. So, I found some training guides for half marathons on Pintrest, and decided once I was done with the 100 day program I would start my half marathon training to do during my second round of my 100 day program. Well, I finished the first round on Saturday which means this week is the big start of my training week.

Being the weird planner that I am, I printed out some blank calendar pages and have wrote out every single workout for the next 22 weeks which will bring my to my half marathon date. I will be doing my other program strength training and ab work Monday, Wednesday ans Friday and running  and stretching will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Depending on how many miles I have to run on Saturday and the time I have I may do an extra strength workout after my run but I will decided that after my scheduled run. As I mentioned above I live in the midwest so this time of year it is not the best weather to run outside so most of this running time will be on the treadmill. Hopefully I can get through it with watching many movies.

I am both excited and a little nervous about the training. I feel pretty good with having 22 weeks to train, that it will give me some flexibility in my schedule in case I need to move things around I will still be able to stay on track.

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